Commercial Pre Cooling System


The Ac pre-cooling systems save money by:

  • Reducing equipment energy costs by up to 30% (you achieve the same or even more cooling, with much less energy).
  • Allowing equipment to run more efficiently, thus extending its life.
  • Delaying or eliminating the need for additional cooling equipment.
  • Optimizing turbine performance by condensing inlet air.
  • Keeping heat-generating equipment running a peak performance and optimal output.
  • Increasing the cooling capacity of air-cooled equipment, allowing it to operate at full capacity even during extreme heat conditions.

Our Pre-cooling Systems can be used on any air-cooled AC/refrigeration, Cooling Towers, and other equipment


  • Head pressure and amperage draw are reduced
  • Output temperature is reduced
  • “Time-on” cycles are reduced
  • Energy consumption is reduced
  • The coefficient of performance (COP) is increased
  • The life of the condenser is extended
  • Cools air up to 40 degrees


250 psi Pump
Pump Manual - 0.15 GPM / 0.30 GPM
Pump Manual - 0.5 GPM , 1 GPM , 2 GPM
Compression Fittings Video

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