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Customer: Enterprise Products (Houston, Texas)
Type of Business: Propane Transfer
The Problem: This company owns and operates boat loading facilities in Houston, TX for oil, natural gas and propane. Historically, propane had been loaded onto tankers during the winter to minimize heat expansion and facilitate faster transfer from land to ships. World demand has grown and changed; now ships must be loaded in the summer months too. But because the dry cooling tower could not keep the propane cool enough during the hot summer days, the transfer rates would stop or were so slow that tankers would start lining up in the harbor.
The Solution: Our largest state of the art 1400-Nozzle Commercial Pre-Cooling Misting System which was installed under the dry cooling tower in order to lower temperatures. The cooling capacity was improved by approximately 30%. So that even on the hottest days, the propane transfer rates were as good as the middle of winter. System was so efficient that entire project was paid-off within 1 Day! Talking about return on investment!

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Customer: Ashcroft Bakery (Stafford, Texas)
Type of Business: Commercial Bakery
The Problem: This commercial bakery mass produces a wide assortment of fresh breads, rolls, buns, muffins, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies and other specialty items on daily basis. Bakery is one of the largest supplier for restaurants and grocery stores in greater Houston area and operates 7 days a week. Entire indoor facility has no air conditioning system and their 150ft long oven room consists rows of walk-in ovens operating 12-15 hours a day. Average indoor temperatures of 100-105 degrees was normal. Heat from these ovens made it almost impossible for the employees to work in and around this oven room and be productive at the same time. In addition, extra dry heat was ruining baked products.
The Solution: A network of strategically placed mist lines with multiple zones and ultra fine stainless steel mist nozzles with anti-drip feature. All powered by industry leading 1500psi high pressure mist pump. Because of its indoor application, entire misting system was professionally calibrated to achieve flash evaporation ensuring that the floor does not get slippery/wet and manufacturing equipment does not collect any moisture. Result was up to 20% reduction in temperature. A comfortable environment was created and workers have never been happier. In addition, same misting system was configured to increase the humidity in the storage room to keep the products "moist."

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Customer: PV Rentals (Houston, Texas)
Type of Business: Vehicle Rental and Leasing
The Problem: This company owns and operates several rental location around Houston area. Their fleet consists of more than thirty-five different vehicle types encompassing a wide range of trucks, vans and passenger vehicles. Company also operates a 10,000sqft service center where it performs maintenance on its vehicles. Just like many other auto repair facilities, this building did not have central air conditioning. Working conditions became miserable during hot summer months. Existing floor fans were no help as they simply moved hot air around.
The Solution: Master planned mist cooling system that utilized positive ventilation technique to cool the hot air inside the building and displace it every 3-5 minutes. This allowed fresh air in to the building and eliminated any "hot spots." Once installed, combination of high velocity oscillating mist fans and stainless steel misting line drastically reduced the overall temperature and created a pleasant working environment for the employees.

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Customer: Jewell Concrete Products (Richmond, Texas)
Type of Business: Concrete Manufacturing Plant
The Problem: Jewell manufacturing facility produces Architectural Masonry and Concrete aggregate products that are used in thousands of construction projects throughout United States and Canada. Company's Richmond, TX plant produces pavers, concrete block, stone and bricks. Plant's outdoor tumbler area and indoor conveyer belt areas became extremely hot during summer months. In addition, manufacturing process produced heavy dust particles throughout the facility.
The Solution: MistCooling, Inc's UL outdoor rated, high velocity oscillating mist cooling fans for both indoor and outdoor working areas. This high performance system not only helped reduce the temperatures, it also suppressed dust particles generated from the manufacturing process. End result was cool, comfortable and productive working environment with better visibility and breathing conditions. Overall cost of system was significantly less than what company had previously spent on ineffective and space hogging evaporative coolers. This Cooling/Dust suppression system was installed overhead with zero footprint.

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Customer: Igloo Products Corp. (Katy, Texas)
Type of Business: Personal Coolers
The Problem: Igloo is one of the largest recognized brand in USA with its ever expanding line of coolers. At its world headquarters in Katy, TX, company's blow molding plant operates 24/7 to meet high demand for coolers. Heat generated from the blow mounding machines was resulting in 10 to 20 degrees higher temperature difference on any given day and time. Cost of installing central air conditioning system for building that is over 100,000sq feet was outrageous and impractical at the same time.
The Solution: Facility already had 30'' wall mount fans installed in various areas of the plant. MistCooling, Inc utilized those existing fans and retro fitted them with a high pressure misting system. at a fraction of the cost. Instantly cooler and more comfortable working space was created to potentially reduce heat stress and heat related injuries among workers. Igloo is currently in talks to install similar misting system for its adjacent shipping and receiving facility.

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Customer: Primrose School (Sugarland, Texas)
South Hampton Montessori School (Houston, Texas)
Woodlands Young Learners Academy (The Woodlands, Texas)
Type of Business: Education Centers / School
The Problem: Above institutions combined educates thousands of young children in greater Houston area. Each facility houses multiple playground areas for various age groups. During the hot summer months, their outdoor playground areas became unplayable for the kids. Teachers and parents simply could not expose kids to extreme outdoor temperatures. As a result, kids were forced to spend their precious recess time indoors.
The Solution: MistCooling, Inc custom fabricated mist lines for each of their playgrounds. Each systems was specifically designed with kids' safety in mind. Automatic Timers and controllers ensured that systems would automatically turn ON/OFF during pre-set recess times. Kids are now able to enjoy the playground even on the hottest summer afternoons.

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Customer: Ned Kahn Studios (Sacramento, California)
Type of Business: Architecture and Special Effects Artists- Special Effect Mist-Fogging System
The Problem: Ned Kahn is a world famous special effects artist who often incorporates flowing water, fog, sand and light to create complex and continually changing systems in to his architecture designs. During the design of the park along the Sacramento River in the center of Sacramento, Ned Kahn and his team planned to build a large sculpture intended to suggest a flying boat or "Cloud Vessel." Challenge for this artwork was to create a "Cloud" effect without compromising the looks of its overall design.
The Solution: Experts at MistCooling, Inc worked closely with Ned Kahn and custom manufactured one of a kind misting system that would dematerialize the form of the "boat" and produce "Mist Cloud" to cool people passing underneath the structure during hot summer days. Misting lines were fabricated with rust proof rigid 316 stainless steel material so that all tubing, fittings and nozzles would aesthetically blend in with the structure. In addition, kids in the park could walk up to the structure and activate the mist by push of the button on the nearby pole. Since then, Ned has used fogging systems for many of his other projects as well. View them all at his website: www.nedkahn.com

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Customer: Bravo Ranch Super Market (Houston, Texas)
Type of Business: Spanish Super Market
The Problem: Bravo Ranch Supermarket’s newest Houston branch provides healthy choices in meat, produce and groceries at family friendly prices. Store’s produce section carry wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. After the inauguration, store employees had to manually spray water on the products at timely intervals in order to keep produce fresh. This redundant and time consuming job was a hassle for the produce manager and prevented him from allocating employees for more important jobs. Produce was going bad sooner than expected as employees would sometimes forget to spray the produce at regular intervals.
The Solution: MistCooling, Inc custom built a mist module with automatic timer that would spray just a right amount of mist every 5 minute intervals. Our technicians made sure that mist produced would evenly cover the all the produce and prevent customers and floor from getting wet. NSF approved filtration system was used to filter the water. In addition, entire mist system utilized non rusting parts to prevent any health hazards. This misting system was completely automatic and allowed produce manger to increase overall department productivity while offering the most delicious and juicy fruits and vegetables to everyday customers.

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Customer: Dacentec, Inc (Lenoir, North Carolina)
Type of Business: Building Green Datacenters
The Problem: This company designs and builds ultra GREEN data centers. Rising cost of energy combined with environmental objectives to lower carbon footprints has led to much greater demand from both existing and new datacenters for methods to improve power usage. Their goal was to optimize each level of the data centers and bring energy levels well below the normal levels. They needed reliable and cost effective solution that would achieve significant power savings for their next generation datacenters. Challenge was to implement a system that can keep servers cool using only fresh air, thus eliminating use of air conditioners on a 101-degree days.
The Solution: Cooling Inc's pre-cooling system was installed to "Pre-Cool" the outside air coming in to the datacenter. The outside air was passed through a mixing room via large fans, where it was mixed with cool mist to regulate the temperature. This multi-zone misting system was tied into the building automation system so it started when the humidity dropped from the heat or the mixture on the outside air source. MistCooling Inc's Scale Free TAC filtration was also installed to eliminate calcium buildup and to reduce maintenance time. By managing humidity and heat, our fresh air cooling mist system allowed Dacentec to achieve significant power savings(up to 5 times), increased reliability and huge energy reductions compared to other datacenter construction models. With use of our mist system, this GREEN datacenter now has carbon footprint that is 75% less than traditional datacenters. More and more companies are now using misting systems to improve energy efficiency. Facebook and Google have already installed misting systems in numerous datacenters.

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Customer: AAU
Type of Business: Junior Olympics
The Problem: The AAU Junior Olympic Games is the largest, national, multi-sporting event conducted for young athletes. Approximately 15,000 participants representing the 50 states and U.S. territories were to take part in 18 various sports. With an estimated 500,000 spectators, the economic impact for the local host communities was estimated at over $60 million. For the first time 2012 Junior Olympic Games were scheduled to be held in Houston during the months of July and August. These are the hottest months of Texas summer where temperatures reach triple digits on regular basis. Knowing this, AAU Junior Olympics committee reached out to MistCooling Inc in early February to help them find cooling solution for the participating athletes. Their biggest concern was heat stress and heat related injuries to young athletes.
The Solution: MistCooling Inc strongly believes in promotion and development of sports and physical fitness programs. We could not let any future superstars get hurt in our hometown! So with all hands on deck and less than 5 months to event deadline, we decided to custom build portable fan misting units from ground up. After looking at other portable mist fans in the industry we realized that most of them operated around 40-150psi and generated poor quality mist that often "rained on" anyone standing in front of them. Others were too bulky to move around and yet consisted of small fans that did not oscillate. So we decided to build powerful mist fans with highest performance and comfort that is expected from a MADE IN USA product. End result was 24''and 30''oscillating high velocity mist cooling fans with rugged steel frame and all terrain wheels. Industry leading 1500psi mist pump produced ultrafine fog that flash evaporated instantly even in the humid Houston weather. Misting Fan's comfort grip handles at optimal standing height allowed a single user to move this portable unit easily without lifting or getting hurt. Well-planned design of the steel frame ensured that the mist fans do not tilt over and allowed easier loading and unloading off the trucks. MistCooling Inc was able to meet all requirements set forth by the Olympics committee. Numerous portable units were installed throughout Turner Stadium as workers started preparing the venue for the big event. Two week Junior Olympic event in Texas heat saw consistent triple digit temperatures. However, not a single heat related incident was reported at conclusion of these games! Our mist fans were termed as "Life Savers" by the Junior Olympic Committee and received invaluable approval of the athletes and parents.

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Customer: Multiplicity (Katy, Texas)
Type of Business: Outdoor Events Venue
The Problem: This scenic property is the perfect setting for outdoor weddings, celebrations, functions or meetings. Venue can be rented for any outdoor event. Even though large trees provide shade throughout the property, guests were uncomfortable spending the time in the heat and often opted for cooler/indoor space. As summer days got hotter, owner saw their event reservations dry up.
The Solution: Mistcooling installed high pressure mist fans throughout the property without compromising the looks of the venue. With combination of permanently mounted oscillating misting fans and portable mist fans, owner is now able to cool almost any part of the facility with a push of a button. Multiple zones and valves allow guests to control the amount of mist for their immediate seating areas. Facility now hosts afternoon events even during triple digit summer days. Our misting system has become one of its largest selling points.

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Customer: Profur Farm Equipment (Polska, POLAND)
Type of Business: Poultry Farm
The Problem: This company operates large poultry farm in Poland that houses more than 50,000 chickens. Factors such as nutrition, water, air, temperature and humidity can greatly affect poultry production and its physiological responses. By controlling these external conditions, poultry producers try to maintain normal physiological functions so that they can produce meat or eggs at maximum rate. After the facility was built, company found it difficult to control temperatures and humidity on large scale with only fans. They found that, air circulating fans were only moving hot air around. Another issue presented was foul odors that were generated and needed to be controlled. Profur needed a solution that was reliable and effective..
The Solution: MistCooling Inc has supplied misting systems for various agriculture and animal cooling applications. For this project, experts at MistCooling, Inc designed state of the art 15,000-Nozzle mist cooling system (That's right...FIFTEEN THOUSAND NOZZLES!) to cool this gigantic facility. Over 20,000feet of UV treated flexible mist tubing was also supplied . System was configured with building's automation system to efficiently control the temperature and humidity levels. Soon after the system was installed, company was able to significantly increase their production as "Happy" chickens throughout the facility returned the favor. A separate 500-Nozzle odor control system was also installed to control foul odors. MistCooling Inc was successfully able to reduce the devastating effects of heat stress on poultry production by effectively reducing the temperatures with basic principle of evaporative cooling.

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