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Best-selling 10’ x 10’ Mid-Pressure Outdoor Cooling Misting Tent features a guaranteed quality 200psi Mid-Pressure Misting Pump, UV-Protected Mist Tubing, Directional Misting Heads, and Push-Lock Fittings best suited for outdoor settings and perfect to keep your summers cool for picnics, BBQs, church gatherings, weddings, poolside parties, and more. No tools required for assembly.


Birthdays that fall in the hottest of summer months are difficult when you want to plan a successful outdoor party accommodating family and friends especially if you plan to play pick-up ball games. You don’t want anyone suffering heat stress.


You rented booth space at the local farmer’s market, and so far, your sales are going well. But there’s no cool misting attachment on your old tent and summer months are coming. It’s hard for you to stay fresh and energized and keep your merchandise cooled with the relentless heat. During peak hours, customers are waiting to purchase your home-grown or handmade organic items, and the sun is also beating down on them. Everyone’s ready to escape the heat and thinking of leaving early.


You and your customers can keep shaded from UV rays, cool and energized, and your merchandise can also stay cool and fresh with Mistcooling’s 10’ x 10’ Mid-Pressure Mist Tent. Its built-in misting system lowers temperatures by up to 30°F. Water is generated through the 200psi Mid-Pressure Pump through small orifices of the adjustable cool Misting Nozzles, and emitted into the air in the form of tiny droplets creating a cool mist in and around the Tent. The quality canvas canopy of the tent provides shade to protect you and your customers from harmful UV-rays.

* A top choice for all types of outdoor events in summers, such as craft fairs, Farmer’s Markets backyard cookouts, BBQs, birthday parties, and camping

* Repeatedly chosen misting product for cooling even high-profile venues like theme parks and official sporting events


* Misting System is pre-installed; set up is a matter of minutes not hours

* Cooling Mist lowers temps by up to 30°F

* The mist cooling feature will attract customers to your tent

* Collapsible, easily assembled, and portable

* Free shipping up to $100 on orders over $99

* Directional Misting Heads easily adjust the flow of mist inward or outward to counter wind direction


* 10’ x 10’ foldable guaranteed quality-canvas Tent * 200psi Mid-Pressure Pump * UV-Protected Flexible Mist Tubing that will not crack or burst * Thermo-Plastic Push-Lock Fittings (allow for quick and easy system expansion)

* No tools required for assembly


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The old sku number is MC1703


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