CoolerMax Portable Misting Fan

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Enjoy excellent outdoor cooling anywhere you go this summer with CoolerMax Portable misting system with

  • 200 PSI Misting Pump - Made in the USA
  • 15 Gallon tank 
  • Outdoor high velocity 18 Inch Fan with Stainless Steel Misting Ring.
  • Pump Can run dry
  • Easily expandable for misting tent
  • Can be filled with ice and cold water


Advanced, multi-purpose 3-Speed high-velocity Outdoor Misting Fan, featuring a 200psi pump to cool air by up to 30°F. Max 200psi Misting Pump, high-velocity Outdoor Misting Fan with 4-Nozzle Stainless Steel Ring, 15-gal Cooler, up to 7 hours run time per fill with intermittent use, Brass Nozzles with stainless-steel orifices, 2.5 Amps, Standard 110 V ac (available in 12 V dc), weighs 40lbs


Your family wants to go camping this summer, and temperatures everywhere including your all of your vacation spots seem to be sizzling hot. Hiking is part of the fun and returning to camp; everyone will want to cool off. You need your outdoor area to be cool for your family so they can stay to enjoy their vacation.


Mistcooling’s CoolerMax is where style meets functionality and performance. This cool zone Misting Fan has a portable design that makes it super easy to move around and pack for vacations, while the high-velocity 3-speed Misting Fan installed on top of the water tank throws cool air evenly up to 800 square feet. This system has the capacity and power to keep temperatures cooler by up to 30°F for up to 7 hours. CoolerMax gives you the flexibility to install and adjust up to 6 misting nozzles and cool your surroundings efficiently with minimal residual moisture. To ensure CoolerMax continues to cool you as long as you wish to enjoy the outdoors, you can recharge it using a power inverter.


* Cools temperatures by up to 30°F

* Can take it anywhere and it is not excessively heavy

* Cools up to 7 hours per water fill

* You can also store bottled or canned beverages in the cooler while using the Misting System


* Max 200psi Pump for excellent quality mist

* 14” UL-rated, high-velocity, outdoor-rated 3-Speed Fan

* 4-Nozzle Stainless Steel Misting Fan Ring

* 15-Gallon Cooler on wheels for up to seven hours run time/fill

* Ultra-Fine cool misting Brass Nozzles with Stainless-Steel Orifices

* Pulls 2.5 Amps

* Suction Feed Line inside the Cooler connected to the pump


* Standard 110 V (also available in 12 V DC) consumes 1.5 Amps on the highest speed

* DC or AC converter optional

* Weight is approximately 40 pounds

* Packed dimensions are 22” x22” x 36”

* 2.5 Amps

* Thermal overload protection

* Industrial-grade aluminum blade

* Durable corrosion-resistant finish

* Place 6’-10’ away from desired cooling area

* On a hot day, mist will evaporate quickly


  • 12V dc Power Inverter * Portable 110V ac Power Generator with carrying handle
  • Add 20 Nozzle Misting Tent Misting Kit

Features of 20 Nozzle Tent Misting Kit

  • 72 Feet Misting System
  • 3 Feet Nozzle Spacing
  • Mid Pressure Fittings
  • 57 Ft Misting Line
  • 15 Feet Water Supply Line


Camping, Sporting Events , Boat and RV Misting

Backyard BBQ, Golf Cart misting, Indoor Humidification

Umbrella misting, Pet cooling, Tailgating

Construction Sites, Poolside areas, Any outdoor activity 


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